Cash Out is a feature that is giving players the opportunity to get a return before an event has ended. The amount of money a player gets back is determined at the time of cashing out and will depend upon the current likelihood of the bet winning so it could be greater or less than initial stake. In other words, the players get the chance to close the bets on their own whenever they want depending on the availability of Cash Out option.

Typical scenario

  1. A player has placed a 10$ bet on Chelsea to win the match, either before the match started or in-play. After first half, Chelsea has a 1-0 lead. Normally the player would have to wait until the match has ended to see if the bet would have come in or not.
  2. By requesting Cash Out option, the customer receives a cash out offer for his original bet to be closed immediately, before the end of the match. Given that Chelsea is leading, we may offer a Cash Out value of 16$.
  3. So the player can decide if he wants to wait until the end of the match and hope his bet to win or take a sure 16$.

By using Cash Out players can secure their winnings, minimize their losses and/or increase their balance amount without deposit.

The Cash Out option is displayed in Betting History and Last Bets sections on desktop version and My Bets section for mobile version.

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Cash Out option is available for single and multiple bets only, placed pre-match or live. System bets are not part of the Cash Out functionality.
  2. A time delay will apply in accepting a Cash Out request. If a price changes or a market is suspended during pending time, then the Cash Out request may be rejected.
  3. If the Cash Out request is successful, a message will be displayed, the bet will be closed immediately and the balance updated. The real final result of the event will have no impact on the Cash Out returns.
  4. Starbet doesnt guarantee the availability of Cash Out option. Starbet recommends not to place bets with the solely intention of cashing out the bet at some point as it may not be available.
  5. The Cash Out option is available for bets placed using bonus funds, but the amount will not count towards the wagering requirements.
  6. The Cash Out option is not available for bets placed as freebets.
  7. Win and each way bets are not part of Cash Out functionality.
  8. Starbet reserves the right to cancel the settlement of a Cash Out, if the value was calculated in error.
  9. Starbet is not responsible for not offering Cash Out option due to technical reasons. During that period the bets placed will be settled according to the actual final result of events.
  10. Starbet reserves the right to remove Cash Out option for a specific player if there are reasons to believe that customer is misusing or taking advantage of odds movements.